5 Benefits of Using a Contracted Cleaning Service

Whether you're managing a private corporation, an educational facility, an auto dealer or medical facility, a decision must be made on how to keep it clean. Deciding whether to manage the cleaning in-house or to use a contractor is a personal decision and there are pros and cons for each. In commercial cleaning, there are far more advantages to using a contracted service than not. In my professional opinion there are 5 main benefits of using a contractor. In no specific order of importance they are:

1. Experience - A reputable contractor has a lot more experience cleaning various types of facilities. There are production rates that can often be used from these experiences that can give an accurate estimate of the amount of time needed to service the facility properly. Most companies that use their own cleaning staff never conduct actual time studies on how long it really takes to clean their facility, they simply keep hiring full time employees until it appears the work is getting done properly. This often results in allocating more time than is needed to get the facility clean. Also, contractors understand what cleaning chemicals work in different settings and what doesn't work. Their familiarity with automatic equipment can prove as a time saver and reduce labor costs as well.

2. Control - When employers manage their own cleaning staff sure they're the boss, but that doesn't always translate into a cleaner facility, here's why. Managing people is hard and time consuming especially if the cleaning staff requires micromanagement. Most managers don't have the time or desire to deal with cleaning issues and personnel on a daily basis. Sure contractors often face similar hurdles when managing their employees, but that's when a good account manager is valuable to the program. A contractors' account managers manage the quality control of the facility and all personnel. They can be proactive in implementing a change in the program if quality control reports are not to acceptable levels. Customers have much more power in shaping a successful program than if they were managing it themselves. All they have to do make a phone call or send an email expressing their thoughts and the contractor makes it happen or they risk losing the account. Customers can spend their time and energy on their actual job instead of on cleaning issues.

3. Liability - Reputable contractors are always fully insured and bonded. They hold all responsibility for their employees and incur all costs of liability insurance, unemployment insurance and workman's compensation. This is another reason responsible contractors perform strict background checks on all employees. Contractors also are responsible for payroll taxes and medical benefits although these costs are often passed on to the customer.

4. One Stop Shop - Contractors often serve as a one stop shop for customers. Most will always provide their own cleaning chemicals and equipment which is one less expense the customer needs to worry about. Many contractors can also provide paper products, trash liners, soaps and other consumable products at competitive prices adding even more convenience. If the customer needs floors stripped and waxed, carpets cleaned or restrooms scrubbed a contractor can do this as well. This is key considering most in-house crews have to outsource floor care anyway.

5. Coverage - Most established cleaning contractors can provide coverage if a regular employee is out on vacation or calls off due to sickness. A facility with in-house staffing often cannot do this so areas are left unclean which can be a health concern especially in restrooms that are frequently used and schools where bacteria and viruses are rampant.

If you don't want to spend your time managing the cleaning issues of your facility hire a reputable contractor like Central Maintenance and get back to focusing your efforts on what's important to you.

Customers Expect Clean Facilities

As a provider of commercial janitorial services I see it in facilities everyday. Dirty floors, layers of dust on window sills and enough dust on the tops of cubes to make your fingers black. I haven't even touched on restrooms yet. I don't understand how so many businesses can ignore the potential damaging effects a dirty facility can have on sales, especially businesses that often have customers on site.

Most sales people, myself included make a concerted effort to polish their personal appearance before a meeting. Why, because we know that first impressions are very important. If that is the case for most people, then how much sense does it make to set up a meeting and introduce yourself to new potential customers in an unkempt office or place of business? It makes no sense at all.

Think about it. Say you're in the market to buy a new car. Imagine walking into a dealership. You begin peeking inside the windows of all the shiny new cars when you look down and the floor is absolutely filthy. What does that do to your experience? Does it reflect poorly on the product you were thinking about purchasing? Yes, it does. A car dealership should be as clean as the new cars it sells. It's about attention to details. In a customer's mind if a business doesn't care enough to keep their facility clean, why then would they care about the needs of their customers?

It doesn't matter what industry or business. If customers visit your facility to potentially do business and your facility is filthy, it will reflect poorly on the product or service you are offering. A clean facility will only add to the polished image you're trying to portray of your product or service. Use the condition of your business as an advantage, don't allow it to be a disservice.

Hiring a professional janitorial service like Central Maintenance can be the difference between leaving a good or bad impression with your customers. Why chance it? Visit our website to see what we can do for the appearance of your business.