Business Process Improvement - Why It's Important To A Successful Janitorial Company

A commercial janitorial business is like many other businesses in the sense that there are employees within specific departments that have certain responsibilities. Over time employees may come and go, but the departments and responsibilities may not change that much. New technology may change the ways certain jobs are conducted often times making them easier. As the years go by it can be easy for a company to overlook it's business processes and become complacent with the way things have always been done. This can result in owners and managers being unaware of any process pitfalls which can lead to inefficiency and poor performance if not corrected. It's important to closely review the roles and responsibilities of employees within a company as well as all business processes to ensure each process is being done efficiently and that checks are in place to avoid unhappy customers and lost revenue.

Analyzing specific processes allows managers to properly assess how many employees are needed to facilitate a particular function. A process can be streamlined to combine or eliminate steps if needed to simplify it thus requiring less time to complete it. The fewer the number of employees that need to be involved the better provided the process is working optimally. Checks should be a part of each process to ensure mistakes are minimized and that managers have the proper oversight.

Simplifying forms and standardizing reports can also make processes more efficient and reduce the paper trail. Email and other databases can often be used in place of paper forms further reducing dependency on paper and allowing managers the ability to easily oversee the process.

The goal of any business process improvement is to reduce employee hand-offs and overall cycle time while improving efficiency and customer service. By carefully analyzing each current process managers can simplify things and reduce the time and/or employees needed to efficiently perform the operation. A business that stays up to date with its processes will be more profitable and have an easier time adjusting to any needed changes. Staying abreast of new technology can also reduce labor and improve employee time management. Scheduling regular BPI meetings will allow for needed changes and ensures the company is running at peak performance for years to come.