Why An Effective Cleaning Program is Important for Customers and Employees

Janitorial or custodial programs are extremely important to all businesses for two main reasons: employee retention and new/recurring sales. Think about it. Would you stay and work for a company that had a dirty facility? Would you continue to patronize a business that had unclean restrooms or where you suspect you may have gotten ill? Most people would answer no to both questions and for good reason. Unclean facilities can severely impact a company's reputation which means employee turnover and reduced sales. Not only is a dirty facility unsightly there are very real health concerns as well. Common spaces that are shared by employees and /or customers have many surfaces where cross contamination can occur including elevators, stairwells, door handles / push plates, sinks, urinals, towel / soap dispensers, etc. Statistics show that these are the places where harmful, potentially deadly microorganisms like E. coli, staphylococcus, hepatitis, and various flu strains are frequently found. The key to preventing the spread of illness while maintaining a pleasant appearance is properly educating and training custodians on cleaning and disinfecting procedures. A disinfectant will only work after the surface has been properly cleaned and has had sufficient dwell time to do its job. Proper cleaning affects everyone including private corporations, educational institutions, manufacturing plants, medical facilities and auto dealerships. Taking the appropriate steps to ensure your facility is properly cleaned will keep your employees happy and productive and will also make a good impression on customers to keep them coming back.

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